Song of the day: Bring It To Life

By Betrayed,on the amazing album Substance, which is just one of the best thing ever. 



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ah yeah I feel, receiving presents from your family and being just ‘when ever in my life ever have you seen me ever expressing an interest in that sort of things. ever’

Yeah, it’s a strange feeling. Because you know they mean to be nice. But… Well. It’s not really. 
The weirdest thing is that Mamie was the one to be super cool about these things, like she offered my a bottle of my acual/usual perfume (Le Mâle de Jean Paul Gaultier) a few years ago and knows that flowery fragances go off sour badly on my skin… And that I hate these scents anyway. She’s basically the only person I ever shopped for perfume with. 
Anyway, sorry for the rambling about this. I shouldn’t freak out about so little.

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what’s happening in this picture i’m confused

My grandmother gave me a present and it’s a “perfume” and assorted shower gel and it’s the worst thing I’ve ever had the horror to smell.
It’s still super nice of her, and I didn’t wanted to be rude or make her sad, so I tried the thing and now I feel like my sense of smell is ruined forever, and I’m having a freak out because I really REALLY can’t see how in the world she could think that I’d like this perfume…
It’s kind of the antithesis of everything i like, contained in a pink bottle. I just…

So yeah, basically, what’s happening in the pic is just me questioning my life and choices and having a bad-smell-induced nervous breakdown.

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mais en fait tu fais quoi tu refais un appart?

Bah je suis descendue voir ma famille (et Julie et Myriam) dans le Sud, alors j’en profite pour aider mon grand père et apprendre à faire des trucs chouettes. 
Genre tailler les oliviers et carreler un mur.

J’aime bien les deux, tailler les arbres c’est fun, et carreler on dirait un jeu de construction géant (mais en vrai).

Aubagne - carrelage

J’ai aussi appris à carreler, mais je ne sais pas si ce serait très utile en cas d’attaque de zombies…
Such swag, though…

Beaudinard - la taille des oliviers

Maintenant je saurais m’occuper des oliviers en cas d’apocalypse zombie. J’ai aussi un un super terrain ou on pourrait aller survivre. Et des outils (je suis tombée amoureuse du sécateur télescopique qui est quand même le meilleur objet du monde).

Is “death by perfume” a thing?

One hour after I’m still not sure if it’s an awkward but genuine present or a not-so-much-concealed death threat…
I think my nose is bleeding.


blackkwidows a réagi à votre billet “u need to show me that punk underground scene too :D”

yeaaaaah i want!


deadprincescollege a réagi à votre billet “u need to show me that punk underground scene too :D”

ill see if i come too!!!!