Sometimes I’m just so angry with people talking things they don’t know shit about.

I know you’re trying to be supportive and help, but saying “you understand” mental illness and anxiety to someone to justify the fact you’re “pestering them” (i quote) with something they obviously know they have to do and are trying to until it’s done is actually the least helpful thing in the whole fucking universe. 

Then when they try to tell you (and believe me, i deserve a medal for staying calm when you dare utter such bullshit straight at my face, genuine good intentions doesn’t change a thing about that) that it won’t help but possibly make things worst, saying that “there’s things that needs to be done, anxiety or not, it’s nothing huge, it’s easy” (proving that you truly understands nothing about mental illness and anxiety, just sayin), it’s just like… I don’t even know how words illustrating how fucked up this is.

I’m not sure if I’m angrier at you for saying this casually and being hurt when i tell you to fuck yourself and cut it, or at myself, because it’s stupid getting angry at you, because of course you don’t understand, how could you?

People seriously sucks, even when they try not to and don’t realize it.

purpleonionofsex said: I KNEW you would do that so I didn’t clic the link. YOU FAILED!

It’s not a fail because I knew you’d know!


Song of the day: Girl anachronism

By The Dresden Dolls.

purpleonionofsex said: Avec une super vache sur le timbre!


I missed playing MtG cards!

I missed playing MtG cards!



Fact: Swedish…

… Is super hard to pronounce for French speaking persons.
I won’t even talk about the “å” and “ä”… 

This awkward moment when…

You add some of your dad’s friends on WeChat because they love France so you can send them some pictures when you go out and they begin talking to you in Chinese… 
Which you don’t understand a signle character of. 

Song of the day: Sex noll två

KSMB cover by Liv Lemoyne for We Are The Best! (I loved this movie). 

freebooter4ever said: OOH MY GOSH YOU LOOK SO DAPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ehehehehe thank you! <3

amdis said: Qt! Love your hair especially =D

Awww thanks!
I’ll tell to the hairdresser next time that everyone liked his work ^^

dust-asterisms said: wow lethy! you look awesome!! :3

 Aww, thank you!